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Attorney Fredy Máximo Alvarez was born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. He migrated to Spain and ultimately immigrated to the United States. He has been a resident of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area since 1969. He attended high school, graduate and post-graduated studies in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from Georgia State University with a degree of Science from the School of Urban Life and thereafter from Atlanta Law School, where he completed his studies in law and obtained his Juris Doctor. He was admitted to the State Bar of Georgia in 1982 and since then, he established his law practice in Atlanta. Mr. Alvarez has practiced and is licensed to practice, among others, before municipal, state, superior, federal and immigration courts in the state of Georgia and in other States at the federal level; and before the Court of Appeals of Georgia, the Supreme Court of Georgia and the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. Attorney Alvarez has been member of the America Immigration Lawyers Association, Georgia Trial Lawyers Association and the Georgia Hispanic Lawyers Association. He has been advisor, parliamentarian and board member of several organizations, including the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Atlanta Cuban Club. During the Gulf War, he was honored by being selected as the keynote speaker before the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Georgia during the welcoming ceremony of the naturalization of hundreds of newly sworn citizens of the United States. Attorney Alvarez has hosted and appeared as special guest in multiple radio and television shows where he has expressed his legal expert opinion, and has been a legal columnist and contributor in newspapers and other publications.

On two occasions, he was invited to represent the State Bar of Georgia in a delegation of lawyers to China. Throughout his law career, he has represented clients and institutions in thousands of cases in the state of Georgia, the United States of North America and abroad. His primary specialties are civil and criminal litigation, and representation in immigration and consular processing cases.

He is fluent in English and Spanish.

Fredy M. Alvarez Attorney at Law
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